Can I meet the babysitter beforehand?
If you are unsure about using a babysitter we strongly recommend that you book the sitter for a minimum of 3 hours and use the time to watch how the sitter interacts with your child, you could pop out to do some shopping or even some housework whilst the sitter and your child bond. If you are unable to do this then we recommend that you ask the sitter to arrive 30 minutes prior to your departure so you can introduce the sitter to your children.

How can I make sure that I will get a babysitter?
We recommend that you book in advance to ensure that you get a babysitter for your night/day out.  If a babysitter is needed within 24 hours, the sitter will phone you directly. 

Can I request the same babysitter every time I book?
We recommend for continuity and consistency for your children that you request a sitter you have had before.  If the sitter is available then we will book them for you otherwise we will recommend another sitter that we feel would be suitable for you.

Why is there a minimum booking of three hours?
To ensure that your booking is picked up by our professional babysitters when need to ensure that the job is viable. 

I am unsure of leaving my children with someone I have not met before?
This is a normal reaction, please feel free to give Sue a call to discuss this and she can recommend a babysitter to suit your needs.  When a babysitting booking has been confirmed you will receive an email from Sitters4kids, attached to this will be the babysitters Profile which is a personal statement written by the babysitter and will display their qualifications, experience, skills they have and general information about themselves i.e. drivers license, first aid certificate.

Are the babysitters screened?
There is a 4 stage process we take to find all our babysitters:

1.    They have been specially selected from face to face interviews using questions specifically devised to find out how they would deal with certain situations such as separation anxiety or behaviour management.

2.    They are meticulously screened and verified through the Queensland Government Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Blue Card 'Working with Children Check' to provide your children with safe, friendly and reliable care each and every time.

3.    Have references thoroughly checked

4.    They are trained in-house through an induction to meet Sitters4kids requirements and to 'go that extra mile' to ensure total customer satisfaction.

What is a 'Blue Card'?  

The Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian is an independent statutory authority which promotes and protects the rights, interests and well being of children and young people in Queensland.  Under the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Act (2000), people who work with children under 18 years of age in particular businesses or categories of paid or voluntary employment, must undergo screening - the Working with Children Check.  A person whose application to work with children and young people is approved is issued with a positive notice letter and a blue card. If a person's application is refused, they are issued with a negative notice which prohibits them from working in the particular categories of employment or carrying on particular categories of businesses defined by the Act.

How do I pay?
Payment for the Booking Fee is payable via Credit Card only.  We can invoice companies if they want our services for event care. If we custom make a package for you for wedding care, then we can invoice or payment can be made by credit card. Overdue accounts will incur a penalty interest of 24% per annum and if referred to a collection agency, additional costs will incur, which are your responsibility.  Babysitter’s fees are to be paid in cash to the sitter at the end of the sitting job.

 What is the difference between a nanny and a babysitter?                                                                                                                       A babysitter is there solely for the care of your children and are not expected to undertake any extra duties. The babysitter should prepare your children’s meal and tidy up after them, bath and prepare them for bed. The primary responsibility of the nanny is to care for the child or children in the home, but they also typically perform other household tasks, such as washing, cleaning, cooking and shopping. The actual duties can vary a great deal from home to home. Nannies also interact with the children and provide stimulating age and developmentally appropriate activities for them. Nannies have specialised training in childcare or must be able to demonstrate extensive experience. While a babysitter may warm up a meal or play with the children, there are generally less expectations in terms of their interaction with the family and additional duties. Also, if the sitter is asked to do things that are typically outside of the scope of their job, their payment will be adjusted accordingly to reflect compensation for the extra work.  Nannies are usually paid a salary or hourly rate that is negotiated with the family ahead of time, based on an discussion of their duties and the workload they will carry in the home. This arrangement can vary a great deal from situation to situation.  Overtime pay is also a possibility if there are extra hours expected. Again, these items are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Does the Working with Children check include any previous driving offences?
Although we do require the carer to declare any previous driving convictions at point of interview, the Working with Children Check does not include previous driving convictions.  


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