What is a Profile?  Profiles give parents more information about a Babysitter.

 Please click on the Babysitters Name in PDF format to view their Profile

Janelle.pdf Janelle.pdf
Size : 139.439 Kb
Type : pdf
Rachelle M.pdf Rachelle M.pdf
Size : 164.866 Kb
Type : pdf
Meredith.pdf Meredith.pdf
Size : 150.581 Kb
Type : pdf

What will the Profiles of the Babysitters show me? This is a personal statement written by the babysitters and will display their qualifications, experience, skills they have and general information about themselves i.e. drivers license, first aid certificate.


If you are unable to open the Profiles please go to www.adobe.com to download a free Adobe Reader 

Melanie.pdf Melanie.pdf
Size : 296.14 Kb
Type : pdf

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